Nutrissa is a manufacturer of coconut based products in Sri Lanka. We have a full range of coconut products which are manufactured under stringent local and international quality standards.

Nutible Treeler (Pvt) Ltd is an emerging company, which is actively involved in manufacturing a range of organic coconut kernel related food products for the international market, with the head office located in Colombo, SRI LANKA. The estate and the factory are situated in Bingiriya in the North Western Province of the island nation of Sri Lanka.

Unlike other producers of traditional coconut based products, Nutible Treeler (Pvt) Ltd is a company which is well equipped with ultra-modern state of the art production facilities and is managed by a team of knowledgeable and dedicated staff who are on maintaining the highest quality and hygienic standards in their products and services.

We grow coconuts and produce and export a wide range of organic coconut kernel related products such as Organic Virgin Coconut Oil, Organic Coconut Water, Coconut Butter and Organic Coconut Oil.

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Best Products


To give you excellent quality products, our company is enriched with the cream of knowledgeable and experienced expertise garnered from all over Sri Lanka. We have accumulated the most experienced and committed personnel in the coconut industry who will provide optimum services with true dedication.

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We manufacture both pasteurized and un-pasteurized frozen coconut water in bulk as well as drinking coconut water in retail packs. Click below for more information


Nutible Treeler works closely with a strong and independent certification body associated with food safety management systems, laboratory testing and calibration, occupational health and safety management systems to maintain cleanliness, purity and quality of products and to ensure fairness in trade between all parties.


Experience Care

We have provided comfortable accommodation and food as well as holiday bungalows and villas, executive quarters, a playground
for team games, a tennis court, restaurant, gymnasium, children’s park, walking paths and a cycling track etc. for our staff.

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