Environmental Responsibility

Eco-Friendly & Hygienic

The greatest emphasis will be given to the preserve environment throughout these processes. Among our major concerns, we are striving to aim for and implement a Zero Waste System and reduce our Carbon Footprint to internationally acceptable standards. In addition the plant will adhere to the highest standards of hygiene and quality in all stages of manufacture.


As there is an acute shortage of groundwater in the Urapotta village where this project is located, arrangements have been made to implement a water supply scheme for this venture by pumping water from the Deduru Oya located 1.3 km away.

This water will be stored at a man-made reservoir and the raw water will be used for the requirements of the coconut plantation. Furthermore, the demand for domestic and potable water for the buildings including the factory, bungalows and other buildings will be met from the water treated at a modern water treatment plant.

It is hoped to install a 1MW solar panel system at our premises to supply electricity to the national grid. Arrangements are underway to obtain the Green Certificate from the Sustainable Energy Authority and discussions are under way with local banks for arranging the funding.

Corporate Social Responsibility


We shall help build the rural infrastructure facilities in villages through Village Level Development Programmes. This facility will be established under the plan to develop the rural economy to promote a competitive agricultural market.

We shall be providing comfortable accommodation and food as well as holiday bungalows and villas, executive quarters, a playground for team games, including a tennis court and a volleyball court, open air theatre and restaurant, a gymnasium, a children’s park, walking paths and a cycling track.


With the well-being of our employees in mind, we shall be growing organically, fruits and vegetables at our farms and will provide opportunities for our employees to view and buy these products at reasonable prices for their needs.

As part of our corporate responsibility, we shall be testing in our ultra- issuing internationally accepted quality certificates to the coconut growers and manufacturers of coconut based products in the north-western province.
As part of our corporate social responsibility (CSR), we have rehabilitated the rural roads in the environs of the factory. In addition we supply drinking water treated at our water purification plant, free of charge to the residents of the area.

Our associate companionships

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