We don't Compete - We are Different

  1. Own organic coconut plantation
  2. Fully equipped modern laboratory (that no other Sri Lankan food manufacturing company has)
  3. Facility to customer to have a living experience of our Tree to Table process (Eco tourism model facility to spend the vacation)
  4. Hygienic Modern fully automated facility
  5. 75 Year old credible sustainable company

We are dedicated to creating a transformation in the industry for our buyers, and our guests, who can get a real living experience of tree to table process. from cultivating our own coconut lands, plucking to packing system to turn out quality coconut food products.  

Nutrissa has emerged as forever in Nutible Treeler (Pvt) Limited the realization of the concept of the green village where our customers are able to live close to nature with no disturbance in admiring it on the same land where manufacturing take place.

The dream of the Green Eco-friendly village is purely based on providing customers ample opportunities to mingle with the chirping of birds, the gentle breeze, the soft touch of wetland grass, which eases off the stresses imposed on busy minds.

This green village comprises of large scale organic plantations, scientific research laboratories for academics, well planned recreational areas, close to nature villas, chalets and residences for employees and ultra-modern eco-friendly coconut product factories which turn out virgin coconut oil and other subsidiary products.

Apart from these nature essentials, we have paved the way for spiritual resurgence of the soul and the mind. The entire concept
caters and facilitates our customers and employees who are willing to spend their leisure amidst nature in a serene backdrop
with rest and a calm mind.,  

The greatest emphasis will be given to the latest developments in environmental matters throughout these processes among
our sustainability programme, where we are striving to aim for and implement a Zero Waste System and reduce our
carbon footprint.  

Moreover, we have implemented standard, ultra-modern laboratory facilities that will provide international standard quality
tests. Coconut producers and processors in the area will be able to have the necessary tests conducted on their products very
easily. We will be able to provide facilities for research on the coconut industry for school and university students.

Modern Laboratory Facility

Parent Company

Tracing its origins back to 1942 when an enterprising Sri Lankan entrepreneur started taking on construction projects, K. D. Ebert and Sons Holdings (Pvt) Ltd, is a diversified group of companies registered in Sri Lanka. This family owned group comprises 5 fully and partially owned subsidiaries under the parent holding company.

K. D. Ebert and Sons Holdings (Pvt) Ltd is an ISO 9001 - 2008 certified, registered civil engineering contractor, specializing in the construction of roads and highways, bridges, buildings and water supply schemes. The Company has a workforce of 3,000 and over 70 years of experience in construction projects and is equipped to offer holistic project management solutions including logistical support, surveys, on-site coordination, project administration, planning and resourcing.

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