Nutible Treeler (Pvt) Ltd is an emerging company that is actively involved in manufacturing a wide range of organic coconut kernel related food products for the international market, with its head-office located in the suburbs of Colombo. The estate and factory are situated in Bingiriya, in the North Western Province of the country.  

Unlike other organizations in the field with age old expertise in the traditional coconut industry, Nutible Treeler is a company which is well equipped with modern state-of-the-art production facilities and committed to excellence in all its endeavors with a very knowledgeable and competent staff who are keen on quality and hygiene of its products and services.

To be deep-rooted and stringent on its product quality and safety at every stage of production as well as the well-being of its employees, Nutible Treeler strives to achieve accolades such as ISO 22000:2018 (Food Safety Management Systems), BRC, Kosher, Organic (USDA, JAS, NOP) FSSC 22000.  

Presently Nutible Treeler produces a wide range of organic coconut kernel related products, Organic virgin coconut oil, Organic coconut water, Organic coconut milk, Organic coconut flour, Organic coconut butter and Organic coconut oil.  

Our country is also well known as the “Pearl of the Indian Ocean” and was called “Serendib” for centuries throughout the world, from which word the “Serendipity” has derived. This small island is a tropical country which is gifted with warm sunlight and abundant rainfall throughout the year, factors that are ideal for the production of lush coconuts. This is an agricultural country, bountiful with 46 Agro- Ecological regions which is a fortune to grow a vast range of crops within its borders.

Among all the other crops, Coconut is a major crop which is cultivated throughout the country. The coconut palm is a versatile tree which provides nutritious food and a refreshing drink, oil for edible and non-edible uses, fiber of commercial value, shell for fuel and industrial uses, thatch, an alcoholic beverage, timber and a variety of miscellaneous products for use as domestic fuel.

According to recent findings of the Food and Agriculture Organization of United Nations, this tiny island has been ranked as the 5th largest coconut producer in world. (FAOSTAT data, 2016)


To offer international affordable nutrition,Product Excellance & Variety by Developing a sound & Organization system


Distribute high quality, organically prepared super victuals products, by own integrated growing to table process. Guided by the traditional Sri Lankan salubrity principals, distributing responsibility to the environment and to the society.

Our Specialty

Strong certification system

Nutible Treeler adheres with strong and internationally accepted certification bodies which are associated with food safety management systems, testing and calibration in laboratory, Occupational health and safety management systems, maintaining cleanliness, purity and quality of products and to assure fairness in trade between all parties.

Management eminence

To give its customers excellent quality products, our company is enriched with the cream of knowledgeable and experienced proficiency from all over Sri Lanka. We have accumulated the best people in coconut industry who will provide optimum services with all their dedicated and committed effort.

Quality Excellence

Nutible Treeler is closely associated with advanced technology systems and well equipped and modernized laboratory facilities. Experts who are directly involved in each area of manufacture guarantee uniqueness, stability and reliability of products and supply superior quality products to all our customers. No matter how many changes we have to go through, we are committed to bring you the best products.

Nature lover

  • Creative and Experienced R & D team
  • High standard supply chain of raw materials
  • Eco-friendly production system
  • Fully owned integrated operational process
  • from growing to shiping
  • Management Structure

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    By introducing our quality coconut products and unparalleled services to the world. Nutrissa Foods products create unforgettable experiences with many different types of organic coconut food products which are manufactured under stringent hygienic conditions in a modern fully automated facility.

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